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Stock Amount: over 50,000K on all servers   Delivery Method: face to face / mail transfer
Trade Location: Ruby Exchange Road on Ul'dah   Estimated Delivery Time:  10 to 20 minutes

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  • 2000K Gil

    $8.46 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 10000K Gil

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  • 50000K Gil

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    Best website ever! These guys delivered my Gil in 5 minutes, recommend to everyone.
    Tomas       2014-08-28 23:36:57
    The powerlelving was well priced, they provided great service with daily updates and screen shots. Thanks for the help.
    AndeAir       2013-12-04 22:04:39
    Thank u so much for the help! It was a really job!
    Euclid       2013-11-22 07:31:32
    Excellent service, power level package completed on time, informed every step of the way, great customer support,,, highly recommend
    Lyn       2013-11-17 03:54:57
    Much better than the other site in my opinion, 3300k delivered in 20 minutes after payment clearance, excellent service and easy to understand!
    Sofiya       2013-09-26 13:36:57
    Got 2000k gil delivered in under half an hour without any issues. Would recommend playerassist for sure.
    William       2013-09-13 18:52:07
    Placed my order and received gil within 15 minutes and was updated along the way via live support, a fantastic service which was clear and safe throughout.
    Carlos       2013-09-08 19:38:29
    First time buyer and would recommend 100%! When i first ordered i was worried but they helped me through it quick and easy. The experience was very good...Great customer service!! Awesome work guys!!!
    David       2013-09-07 23:06:24
    They told me to leave feedback here since they dont make a feedback page for ffxiv pl, its recognized and went smoothly, they even asked me to change password after pl, great service!
    Steve       2013-09-06 17:27:26
    Fast, professional, and straight to the point. Recommend for anyone buying gil
    Richard       2013-09-03 13:53:44
    1500k delivered in 20 minutes after payment clearance, excellent service and easy to understand!
    Kandy       2013-09-02 20:19:07
    Fast and very friendly. Thanx for such a fast transaction.
    Joseph       2013-08-30 07:33:22
    Very easy transaction. Will use again in the future for sure!!!
    Greg       2013-08-29 17:52:42
    Player messaged me and sent gold fast, thanks so much !!
    Joon-Soo       2013-08-29 01:37:21
    Great service and fast delivery, really recommend this place mostly on value and quick delivery.
    Colin       2013-08-28 03:55:04
    Just wanted to say you guys do have the cheapest prices all around and i love it!! Fast delivery and a kinda staff. I will stay a devoted customer as long as the service is like this 24/7/365. Keep the FFXIV gil low priced and please don't change the prices once 2.0 comes out :) that is all i am asking for! Thanks for being Awesome!
    Unik Metallix       2012-09-21 00:09:12
    Extremely competant and patient chat support, fully reccomend.
    Joe       2012-05-22 19:05:35
    Amazing service, you guys are excellent
    Dave       2012-05-01 20:05:01
    marvelous service! They delivered my gils in less than 10 minutes. I recommend this website
    Francisco       2012-04-04 20:04:14
    Ordered 10000k gil and was delivered in less then 10 minutes. These guys mean business and are very friendly and communicative through the chat. 10/10
    Ray        2012-03-29 13:03:35
    Just completed my order. Whole process took roughly 10 mins from start to finish. Couldn't be happier and will do business with you all again. Thank you!
    Ryan       2012-03-22 03:03:42
    Thanks for the super fast delivery. I had my gil within 10 minutes!
    Chevalier       2012-01-15 16:01:36
    The service is awesome, it's very fast and safe (dn't worry about that)
    David       2012-01-07 10:01:04
    Second time buying from here. The custom service is so nice, patient and understanding. - Not to mention a fast service. 5/5 stars, honestly, this is the first place I will buy from forever. Haha. Thanks a bunch!
    Dietrich       2011-12-31 11:12:31
    Friendly fast. Will definately buy from again. The reliability and polite attitude of the customer service was epic. Thanks guys! :D
    Momo       2011-12-29 08:12:16
    Wow!!!! Super fast and very friendly service!! Also nice touch with the Christmas theme on the website!!!
    Aaron       2011-12-13 10:12:01
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    About safety for FFXIV Gil trade:

    1) We care FFXIV Gil transfer safety

    We know why players worried about safety, actually we care about safety more than one single player, it's our business and if anything bad happens, we will lose customer and get more other loss. We started FFXIV Gil selling since it's first version on 2011, no bans at all on players from so far, no game publishers are that stupid to get their customers move to another game, and so do we. We only promise what we can handle, and for FFXIV Gil delivery safety, it's a definitely 'Yes' answer.

    2) 3 Transaction steps to make delivery legit 

    Except experience and promise, we still know how to make the delivery looks like 'normal', we got 2 stock accounts and use one to collect Gil off our partners by face to face, then we trade Gil between 2 stock accounts with melding method, at last we deliver Gil to customers by face to face as well, by using the 3 steps, the FFXIV Gil looks like more 'clean' and 'legit'.

    3) We take responsibility

    Except experience, promise and safe delivery method, we still guarantee the safety, that means if anything bad happens in case, we will take the loss and responsibility ourselves, we will re-level a PL order, or re-deliver a gold order, or level a new character for customers. We will do anything that can make our customers satisfied.


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