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Cash is a typical in-game currency for World of DCUO, which can be used to buy any items or services, for auction house or some other crafting fee required in-game.


We always keep a considerable quantity of cash in stock for coming orders, at least 10000K cash are kept for your need. However temporary cash shortage may happen depends on the supply and demand in the current market, checking stock status before purchase will be welcomed.


How-to-get your order and ETA:

Delivery method for World of DCUO will be in-game mail transfer or facet to face trade. ETA might be 20 minutes to 4 hours, depending on your order amount, order process can be tracked by submiting a form at right cornrt of this page easily. We will keep you posted through email too.

Customer Reviews

  • 50K+5% extra Cash

    $6.86 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 100K+5% extra Cash

    $13.72 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 200K+5% extra Cash

    $27.44 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 300K+5% extra Cash

    $41.16 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 400K+5% extra Cash

    $54.88 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 500K+5% extra Cash

    $68.60 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 600K+10% extra Cash

    $82.32 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 700K+10% extra Cash

    $96.04 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 800K+10% extra Cash

    $109.76 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 900K+10% extra Cash

    $123.48 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 1000K+10% extra Cash

    $137.20 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 2000K+15% extra Cash

    $274.40 Buy Now Add to cart
  • 3000K+20% extra Cash

    $411.60 Buy Now Add to cart
  • Your opinions and comments are very important to PlayerAssist, we read carefully every message that we receive, please leave your feed back below here!

    well despite the list of feed backs on the website they are not quick about getting you what you paid for. In fact they took my money and ran. I haven't receive anything yet nor has my phone calls been answered or emails responded too. I check the payment was made but on the website there is no record of it so i believe all the other emails on this web page are bogus and are probably put there just to put people at ease with this whole idea. RIPOFF!
    Matt       2012-01-23 20:01:02
    Very fast service... Better than ALL that I have tried... This is just amazing... for sure will be coming back
    Jesse       2011-12-29 11:12:56
    WOAH! Super Fast service! This is awesome! You have definitely been favorited! Thanks!
    Cameron       2011-12-24 05:12:34
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    PlayerAssist believes keeping-faith, customer-concern and competitive price is the base to build good relationship with regular or potential clients, and we never cheated to a client and always open to your advices. We stand here among other companies not only because our service is excellent, but also because PlayerAssist make they feel safe and satisfied. Our delivery staff is on standby 24*7 hours to ensure your order will be proceed promptly and smoothly, order from PlayerAssist will make you have nothing to worry about.


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