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    I usually buy from IGXE but stopped last night after my 3rd horrible experience. Picked you at random for my new purchase and was blown away by how fast and efficient your operation is! You are my new go-to credit supplier!
    Albert Isenberg       2013-12-01 22:43:29
    Always best service, got ec transfered in 5 minutes, 100% satisfaction.
    Richard       2013-09-09 17:58:42
    very fast and efficent all done in 15 minutes and while I was playing an STF to boot
    Nick       2012-05-12 19:05:10
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    Tips for STO energy credits cap increase

    Recently we found some new players joined star trek online, they went here and asked us do delivery, however most of them were in free trial accounts and got energy credits limitation, they can only have 10 million energy credits maximum in their package. How to increase your sto credits cap? follow me then:


    #1 Click the Zen Store button on the lower left corner on minimap.

    #2 The last but one option in Store menu is called 'Service', click on it.

    #3 In bottem of  'Service' you will find 'Energy Credits Cap Increase' option, which costs 500 Zen.

    #4 Buy it with your Zen, your sto credits cap will be increased from 10 million to 1 billion.


    Then it comes with another question, how to get Zen?

    #1 Ofc, use real money on sto offical website.

    #2 Use Dilithium exchange in Dilithium Store, which nexts to Zen Store. Now it costs about 127 Dilithium per Zen. Dilithium ore can be get from certain missions.

    #3 Sign up things in PW website.


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