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Tips about FFXIV Relic Weapon and upgrade


First of all, you need to do a Relic Weaon Quests Chain (A Realm Rebom: Walkthrough) to get your Relic Weapon, remember, the relic weapon only for your current Job which is doing this quests chain.

Once you completed the quests chain, you will get Relic Weapon and it's ilevel 80.


Second, you can upgrade your Relic Weapon to Zenith Weapon (also called Relic Weapon +1), it's not hard just need you turn in 500 Tomestone of soldiery. Zenith Weapon is ilevel 90


Thrid,  you need wear your Zenith Weapon to talk to NPC then start farming 12 Atmas, Now it's become easier to farm them than before. normally you can farm all of them in less than12 hours compare to 3 days needed before.You will upgrade your Zenith Weapon to Atma Weapon, which is ilevel 100.


Fourth, you will face to boring part, complete all the quests / dungeons / fates / levels given by the book. Once you complete these you will upgrade your Atma Weaon to Animus Weapon, it's also ilevel 100 but more powerful.


Fifth, Now you have to face painful part,  to update you weapon yo NOVUS WEAPON you have to farm 75 alexandrites, 1 Alexandrite can be bought by 200 allied seals or 400 AS points .


Sixth, In order to update you NOVUS weapon to NEXUS one, you need to farm 2000 light points , light points can only be gained through running dungeons/Trials  and doing fates. One fate grant you 2 points light , Dungeions and trials grant 2-32 points depend on the trial's mode.The best method to farm light is finding a 8 player party then farming Gruda HM or T4 or just doing 1000 fates .


Seventh, Zodiac weapon is the new one on this pathch, also the best one(item level 125), as well as the most complicated one, to get this weapon  you need farm 80000 gc seals , 6400 AS and run at lease 16 dungeons by twice(32 dungeons) and spend about 2-3mil gil to buy more than 60 kinds of Mats to complete the quest chain then got this ZODIAC WEAPON. that's really a horrible mission line!



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