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Note: your character must complete full Main Storeline.

ESO Veteran Rank
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ESO Veteran Rank Content FAQ


What is ESO Veteran Ranks?
When your character hits level 50, your journey in ESO is not over yet. You still need suit up and explore more quests, pvp, and dungeons. You must also complete character's main storeline first.

Basically, ESO Veteran Content is an end game content. Veteran Ranks can be leveled by gain Veteran Points, it starts from Rank 1 after you hit level 50 cap, and ends at Veteran Rank 10, so it has 9 levels but 10 ranks.

How to level ESO Veteran Ranks faster? You have few options:
1. Doing quest and Veteran dungeons.
2. PVP but it's kinda slowly, just forget it if you don't mind these gonna take months.
3. Use PlayerAssist Veteran Ranks leveling service, we are trustworthy and professional :)

What benefit you will get from Veteran Ranks leveling?
Veteran Ranks gains will give you extra stats and ability to use better gears. From the offical website they said Veteran Content still in develop and will give more benefit in the follow up patchs.


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